Balikis fiixng a shoe

It’s good to know that in this recessive period where things seem so difficult for everyone in the country, there are still those who choose to use their God-given skills to make ends for themselves, rather than look for quick easy money. That is the case of Balikis, a young vibrant lady who has passion in making shoes.

W2 Magazine #onthestreets happened to stumble on this young entrepreneur who by all regards makes very beautiful pair of sandals for both male & female. Unfortunately this feature was done when she had very little stock left on the shelf, but I can personally attest that her sandals are A-OK!

This young lady needs the support of business minded individuals to invest in her talent and take her to international standards.

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Amy Abraham is the publisher of W2 Magazine; an artist in the general form of the word artist, and formerly worked with Vanguard Newspaper Nigeria.

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