As fallout from the widely publicized crashed MMM; added with the current hardship in the country due to bad governance and economic recession, Nigerians have begun to eagerly source other means to recover their lost funds. This has led to new Ponzi Scheme networks springing up from all corners of the country, with some offering as much as 100% profit in return; the lot of them operating via whatsapp groups from the comfort of their homes. This Ponzi schemes could actually work if operated genuinely, but the problem is they are ALL FAKE. Yes, FRAUDS.
A few of them go by the name HELPERS FORUM, ADVANCED EARNERS, MONEY BOOSTER etc. These tricksters have studied that the average Nigerian likes quick & easy money, and with that knowledge devise means to get unsuspecting victims to register via their whatsapp groups with the guise to PH (Provide Help) and GH (Give Help) as they make 100% profits within 24-72days.

They have over 6-10 numbers active on whatsapp which 2 is registered as the Admin.
They provide a list matching unsuspecting victims with their different numbers with different names.
They rotate GH & PH amongst themselves, to deceive you that they are real people who also PH & GH, meanwhile they don’t pay a single kobo. You on the other hand will pay them with the hope you will also receive your money with profits.
A very few are paired with their fellow victims; this is to make it look genuine so you will be convinced it works.
After rotating the list a few times to their favour, they pack up and abandon the group; moving to create another.

This publication is a big warning to every Nigerian believing you can earn back 50% or 100% profit just like that in 24-48hours without doing any work. Please, stop investing your money on Whatsapp Groups & Ponzi Schemes. Although they look legit, and perhaps GH which they do to lure you into investing more and inviting your friends to join, but at the end, they will disappear with your money and your investment is gone…just like that. I have done my part to share this message to the general public, please play your own part by forwarding & sharing this publication.
Together we will educate our family & fellow Nigerians; and put a STOP to this new LOCAL FRAUD called Ponzi Scheme.

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Amy Abraham is the publisher of W2 Magazine; an artist in the general form of the word artist, and formerly worked with Vanguard Newspaper Nigeria.

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