Neneh: In a world of her own

In a world of her own

Neneh Rita Jalloh is known for as an multiple award winning creative mind with multiple talents, and she is really in love with creative works. she started designing at a pretty young age when she received her first sewing machine when she was in grade 3 from her mother who saw her talent for creative work at an early stage..

Most people might know her for creating bold and beautiful accessories, home decors, outfits and custom designed shoes using African prints. Everything is handmade/ hand designed by her.
she loves working with other creative minds and inspire others with similar minds to follow their passion. she doesn’t believe people should waste such talent.

one of her proudest moment apart from motherhood is mentoring others especially young creative minds . its a proud moment for her when they talk about how she encourages/inspired them to follow their dreams. Nothing is greater than that moment since lots of youths out there barely have anyone to look up to as an inspiration.

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